British Citizenship – Naturalisation

Stabilising Your Future

You can apply to become a British citizen through naturalisation if:
  • You are 18 or over
  • A child who is born and spent the first 10 years of life in the UK
  • You are of good character (i.e. no criminal record)
  • You intend to continue living in the UK
  • You have good grasp of English and life in the UK
  • You meet the residence requirement

There is a residency requirement which is:

  • You must have lived in the UK for at least 5 years
  • In that time, you must have not spent more than 450 days outside of the UK
  • Spent no more than 90 days (3 months) outside of the UK in the last 12 months
  • If you are from outside the EEA, you had Indefinite Leave to Remain (a type of settlement) for the last 12 months in the UK
  • If you are an EEA national, there is a requirement to provide a permanent residence document which will confirm you had permanent residence status for the last 12 months
  • You have not broken any immigration laws whilst in the UK

Similarly, if your spouse is a British citizen, you can apply for citizenship based on the following requirements:

  • Your age being 18 or over
  • You have met the requirements of having a good grasp of English and you have passed the Life in the UK test
  • For those who have a disability or a medical condition, they may be exempt from the Life in the UK test (please contact us for more information about this)
  • If you are an EEA national, you have been granted ILR or permanent residence
  • You meet the residency requirement

Struggling to pay for your child’s British Citizenship application?

We can help with the fee waiver. Please contact us for more information.

Give up (renounce) British citizenship or nationality

We provide support for the renunciation and resumption of your British Citizenship.

Have you breached immigration laws in the past and been advised you may need to wait ten years?

There are many different ways to acquire British Citizenship. Please contact us to find out whether you are eligible for acquiring British Citizenship.

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